Job Opening-Quality Assurance

Essential Job Functions & Requirements


- Spot-check installations and completed units to assess the quality of work being performed
- Responsible for identifying and resolving potential work quality issues to resolve customer satisfaction
- Ensures adherence to quality assurance guidelines to ensure 100% customer/client satisfaction
- Responsible for monitoring and reporting to the management team any safety or performance issues regarding all installations
- Ensures county, state and federal safety compliance
- Mark items with details such as grade or acceptance-rejection status.
- Notify supervisors or other personnel of production problems.
- Discard or reject products, materials, or equipment not meeting specifications.
- Write test or inspection reports describing results, recommendations, or needed repairs.
- Compare colors, shapes, textures, or grades of products or materials with color charts, templates, or samples to verify conformance to standards.
- Other duties as necessary.

Minimum Qualifications


- Able to see details at close range and identify any potential discrepancy
- Ability to communicate any rejection to proper management
- Provide a clear and detail report of completed and uncompleted units
- Demonstrate authority by escalating any unit deficiency for uncomplete units
- Able to verify customer’s custom orders vs work orders/sales orders

Required Systems Experience


- Basic computer - Microsoft