Job Opening-Quality Inspector

Essential Job Functions & Requirements


-Inspect incoming trucks for any defects and issues
-Review and verify Production Hard Cards, document the unit before moving to final
-Communicate and escalate any potential issues with a detailed report
-Perform visual inspection during assembling of unit
-Perform full functional inspection to verify that assembly and components are functional
-Perform final safety checks
-Build, maintain and improve Eclipse’s Quality standards
-Other duties as necessary.

Minimum Qualifications


-Able to see details at close range and identify any potential discrepancy
-Ability to communicate any rejection to proper management
-Provide a clear and detail report of completed and uncompleted units
-Demonstrate authority by escalating any unit deficiency for uncomplete units
-Able to verify customer’s custom orders vs work orders/sales orders
-Attention to detail, precise and pedantic
-Uncompromising on quality and the ability to communicate issues
-Basic internet/email/windows knowledge
-Methodical: the ability to go step by step in a process
-Attention to detail : the ability to find and identify small but important issues
-Pedantic: ability to stubbornly investigate and pursue what needs to be done

Required Systems Experience


-Basic computer - Microsoft